Recreate the Look: Secura Powdered Concrete

Boasting plenty of benefits such as practicality, durability and noise reduction, our new Secura range of Luxury Vinyl Sheet has been recently re-launched. Check out the links below to see which accessories you could purchase in order to recreate the look from our beautiful matte-grey concrete office. Wooden lamp £129 Place this lamp on... Continue Reading →

Recreate the look: Secura Portobello Flagstone

Whilst offering practicality and durability, our new Secura Luxury Vinyl Sheet range also projects a sense of luxury and style. Portobello Flagstone is an earthy, organic stone design which we think works perfectly with the neutral hues of this beautiful living room interior. Check out some of the accessories below which can help you recreate... Continue Reading →

Recreate the look: Secura White Limed Ash

    Our new Secura luxury vinyl sheet range offers luxury and style whilst at the same time proving to be practical and durable. Recreate the look of one of our favourite shots from the brand new Secura brochure featuring 2160 White Limed Ash. The crisp, white wood design of White Limed Ash effortlessly complements... Continue Reading →

Grey is the new black

If you keep up to date with the latest trends in Interior design, it won’t surprise you to find out that grey woods are the next big thing when it comes to decorating your home. Minimalist interior design has always been a hit and grey is as modest as you like, working well with pastel... Continue Reading →

The Only Way is Parquet

Parquet flooring refers to the traditional design where small blocks of wood (or wood effect vinyl tiles) are laid in a geometric pattern to create a stunning, luxurious effect. The design dates back to the 1600s and is still as popular as ever. Instantly recognisable and often referred to as mosaic, parquet flooring is a... Continue Reading →

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