Grey is the new black

If you keep up to date with the latest trends in Interior design, it won’t surprise you to find out that grey woods are the next big thing when it comes to decorating your home.

Minimalist interior design has always been a hit and grey is as modest as you like, working well with pastel colours or laid in herringbone pattern, grey woods are both versatile and sophisticated, whilst also fitting into the monochrome bracket which of course portrays luxury.

Grey woods have the ability to bring both a cooling & warming effect on an interior dependant on the furniture and the rest of the design scheme. As well as this, grey also holds its own as the focal point of a room, looking great with other colours but without dominating.

Here’s a look at just how great a grey wood vinyl from our new Secura collection could look in your home:

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House Smith 0514

2161 Sterling Oak – Characteristically replicating sterling silver, the pale grey hues will accompany any interior design scheme whilst being both easy to clean and practical

2159_Coastal Oak_Living

2159 Coastal Oak – The subtle hints of grey in this warmer wood are enough to create a floor with the ability to pair with any colour and look great with a wide range of interior design schemes

Getting creative with the color and furnishing

2160 White Limed Ash-  This white-grey wood will provide a clean, crisp setting to any interior. Try pairing with a darker wallpaper for a striking yet contrasting effect, assured to look great for years to come


Introducing the New & Improved Secura LVS Collection

Introducing…. The NEW SECURA COLLECTION 2017. We are excited to bring you exciting new additions to our Secura range. Secura, the family favourite Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring collection has been revamped, featuring 8 brand new shades!

Whichever design you choose, rest assured you will be selecting a floor that is:

  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Reduces impact sound between rooms

You can browse the full Secura collection in our brand new brochure and on our new Pinterest board.

Here’s a closer look at the new shades on offer:

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Getting creative with the new Camaro collection

It’s been a few months since we launched our brand new Camaro luxury vinyl tile collection and it looks like our flooring contractor followers on Twitter couldn’t wait to get their hands on our latest wood and stone effect designs!

Taking inspiration from the bold and beautiful floor designs in our Camaro brochure, these floor fitters have been trying out some creative layouts and showing off their impressive floor laying skills.

If you’re looking for a more unusual flooring design for your own home, why not try using two designs together instead of just one? Or choose an eye-catching pattern such as stripes, tramline effects, off-set keysquare designs or variations on the classic herringbone pattern.

The Cambridge Parquet and Georgian Parquet designs are proving extremely popular as the smaller planks mean that they are perfect for creating more complex design floors without needing to cut planks down to size.

Take a look at the stunning floors below and to find more flooring inspiration for the home visit our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages.

 Camaro Cambridge Parquet and Georgian Parquet, Cre8tive Flooring

Camaro Cambridge Parquet and Georgian Parquet, Cre8tive Flooring

Camaro Burnished Concrete and White Metalstone, Norfolk Flooring

Camaro Burnished Concrete and White Metalstone, Norfolk Flooring

Camaro Georgian Parquet, DM Flooring

Camaro Georgian Parquet, DM Flooring

Camaro Bianco Oak and Midnight Ash, D R Floors

Camaro Bianco Oak and Midnight Ash, D R Floors

Camaro Cashmere Oak, Arnold Total Flooring

Camaro Cashmere Oak, Arnold Total Flooring

Camaro Boathouse Oak and Midnight Ash, First for Floors SW

Camaro Boathouse Oak and Midnight Ash, First for Floors SW

Camaro Cambridge Parquet, Bow Flooring

Camaro Cambridge Parquet, Bow Flooring

Camaro Glacier Slate, Nick Mitchell Flooring

Camaro Glacier Slate, Nick Mitchell Flooring

Camaro Quayside Oak, S&M Flooring

Camaro Quayside Oak, S&M Flooring

Camaro Cambridge Parquet, DM Flooring

Camaro Cambridge Parquet, DM Flooring

Recreate the look: Camaro Wild Amber Oak


Wild Amber Oak – From the NEW Camaro collection

Our new Camaro luxury vinyl tile range offers luxury and style whilst at the same time proving to be practical and durable. Recreate the look of one of our favourite shots from the brand new Camaro brochure featuring Wild Amber Oak.

Wild Amber Oak is a striking, warm wood design which we think works perfectly with the dramatic turquoise blue of this beautiful bedroom interior. We’ve found a couple of home accessories online which can help you recreate this design scheme for yourself.

Peacock & Gold

Teal Ceiling Lamp –

To keep in line with the contrasting blue tones, this lamp delivers a vibrant teal flush combined with a golden or copper interior that mimics the amber tones in the floor itself. Coming in a variety of sizes, purchase now from Not on The High Street for £40.

Why not sit back and relax in this elegant yet casual chair made predominantly from natural materials. These are available for purchase from Ikea for £120.

Beautifully replicating the feathers of a peacock, these cushions are the perfect accompaniment for an interior scheme like this. This particular design is available for £20 at

Nothing completes a room more than a good vase. We think this particular one does the job and fits in with this blue scheme perfectly. An organic shape makes it perfect for tall flowers or purely as a decorative piece. The vase is also 100% recycled too making it an environmentally friendly choice. Pick this room accessory up for £20 from Habitat.

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On-trend Concretes stand out in new Camaro collection

Concrete is often seen as a plain, industrial and not very appealing material and it is easy to see why. Predominantly used in building sites, often over large outdoor areas covered in dirt and muddy footprints – we wouldn’t blame you for thinking this way!

CF16_2344 Kids Bedroom Main.jpg

2344 Smoked Concrete

When it comes to interior design however, concrete is the latest big trend and can look stunning when used correctly. We are obviously not saying that you should give your local tradesman a call and ask him to fill up your living room with concrete! Instead, take a look at the three concrete designs that feature in our latest Camaro luxury vinyl tile collection. Smoked, Burnished and Organic Concrete are three brand new LVT designs that are guaranteed to look great in any interior design scheme.

Whether decorating your living room, bedroom or bathroom, rest assure that by choosing Camaro LVT you will be selecting a floor that is easy to clean, easy to install and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

CF 2343 Dining Room Hexagon.jpg

Smoked, Organic & Burnished Concrete laid in hexagon design

CF16_2343 Designer Office Cameo.jpg

2343 Organic Concrete


Unlike real concrete, luxury vinyl tiles are warm and comfortable underfoot and help reduce impact sound. These designs look great when laid on their own, but have a look at what you can achieve when laying them side by side. Check out this example of our hexagon design combining all three shades for a truly magnificent result.

Feel free to tweet us any of your concrete designs and be sure to follow our Pinterest for more inspiration.






The Only Way is Parquet

Parquet flooring refers to the traditional design where small blocks of wood (or wood effect vinyl tiles) are laid in a geometric pattern to create a stunning, luxurious effect. The design dates back to the 1600s and is still as popular as ever. Instantly recognisable and often referred to as mosaic, parquet flooring is a perfect way to add an expensive feel to any room.

Real wooden parquet flooring requires a big budget and regular maintenance, but luckily, Polyflor at Home’s vinyl alternative require none of those things. Easy to clean, much cheaper than real hardwood and coming with a 10 year guarantee, the new Camaro range is the perfect solution for those that want the enticing design of parquet flooring without the extra cost.

Georgian Parquet 2252

Georgian Parquet 2252

The new Camaro range features two wood effects specifically designed to flourish in when used in a parquet design, let’s take a closer look at the two:

Cambridge Parquet 2251 laid in Tramline

Cambridge Parquet 2251 laid in Tramline

So what makes Cambridge & Georgian parquet different to the other designs in the collection?

  • Tiles are provided in a smaller size, meaning less cutting for the flooring-contractor and reducing install time
  • Include a micro bevel to make them look more authentic, imitating real wood
  • Parquet is available in three designs; Woodblock, Parquet Herringbone and Parquet Tramline

Share your parquet designs with us by tweeting @polyflorathome for a chance at featuring on our blog, we will retweet the best ones!

Introducing…. The NEW CAMARO COLLECTION 2016.

We are excited to bring to you our biggest Luxury Vinyl Tile launch ever .

Camaro, the brand you all know and love has been reinvented and now features 16 brand new shades alongside some of our best-selling designs, all developed with modern homes in mind.

10 enthralling wood effects together with 6 alluring stone designs make up the new additions to the collection, leaving you spoilt for choice for a new floor for your home.

Whichever shade you choose, rest assure you will be selecting a floor that is:

  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Sustainably sourced

You can browse the full Camaro collection in our brand new brochure and on our new Pinterest board.

Here’s a closer look at some of the new shades on offer:

woods 1.jpg

Left: Bianco Oak – Middle: Boathouse Oak – Right: Midnight Ash

If you are looking for a modern contemporary flooring solution, or a neutral base for your home furnishings and fabrics, the white crisp look of Bianco Oak, the cool grey tones in Boathouse Oak or the deep dark features of Midnight Ash are sure to look stunning in your home.

woods 2.jpg

Left: Cashmere Oak – Middle: Quayside Oak – Right: Salvaged Timber

If your taste is more traditional, these three wood designs are perfect for pairing with modern or traditional furnishings. Inspired by the Nordic shores, Cashmere Oak will provide a calming feel, whilst the blonde cool tones in Quayside Oak are both sophisticated and elegant. For a reclaimed finish, Salvaged Timber uses diverse tones and different plank sizes to create a recycled wood effect.

woods 3.jpg

Left: Sienna Oak laid in Full Plank Chevron – Right: Wild Amber Oak

Sienna Oak has a smooth, timeless appeal that looks great laid simply or in more intricate designs for a striking effect, whilstthe rustic cracks and amber brown tones in Wild Amber Oak provide more texture and movement.


Left: Cambridge Parquet laid in Tramline Parquet – Right: Georgian Parquet laid in Parquet Herringbone

Perhaps the most eye-catching designs of the new Camaro collection, these Parquet designs are both rich with history and will give a luxurious feel to any home. Try Cambridge Parquet for a more modern appearance or choose Georgian Parquet, with its warm heritage red tones.


Left: Smokes and Brushed Concrete laid in chequerboard – Right: Organic Concrete

If you prefer industrial materials in your home, the new Camaro collection also now includes three new concrete designs. Each of these designs replicate the look of poured concrete with a fine surface texture for further authenticity. Burnished Concrete has the cool grey look of traditional concrete, , Organic Concrete introduces earthy, clay tones whilst Smoked Concrete replicates the appearance of cindered concrete with its dusty grey undertones.


Left: Glacier Slate – Middle: Highland Slate – Right: Arctic Slate

Slate designs have been used in home interiors for years and continue to be popular, so we have added three new slate designs to the Camaro collection, in a brand new format. Introducing a new slimmer slate tile, Glacier Slate and Highland Slate offer traditional cool grey and white hues in a modern shape.  The crisp white shades in Arctic Slate provide a striking finish, suited to both traditional or contemporary home interiors.

Visit the Polyflor at Home website to take a closer look at the Camaro range, read our new brochure and order free samples.