Hi and welcome to the Polyflor at Home blog, which has been designed to help you when looking for design-led, practical and affordable flooring for your home. We will be adding inspiring and beautiful images which highlight our exciting flooring products as well as blogging little bits of useful info, all to help, inform and inspire.

All Polyflor products are available through your local flooring retailer or contractor. Even if they do not have instore display stands or point of sale, the collections are readily available, from Polyflor stock and are therefore incredibly easy to order on your behalf. Simply tell your flooring retailer what you are looking for and let them do the rest.

Each product offers a highly authentic decoration representing natural elements whilst covering many of today’s interior trends. If you aspire towards the timeless simplicity of a Scandinavian dining room, the elegance of a New England living space or a bathroom fit for a king then Polyflor is here to help. We have so many ideas and inspirational room set images to cover a wide range of styles and tastes, many of which are included
on this blog. Even more ideas can be found online at polyflorathome.com.

To begin the creative process, we want you to use this blog for inspiration and discussion as well as making your final decision an easier one – it is bursting with creativity and intelligent design ideas.

Hygiene and practicality are at the forefront of any Polyflor development therefore our products feature a protective polyurethane surface treatment to ensure any inevitable
spills and crumbs can be easily wiped or swept away. As ever, we are committed to ensuring a quality range which will inspire any home. Season after season, year after year, craft, quality and affordable design means truly unbeatable value.

Happy viewing, and at any time if you wish to ask any questions, please get in touch.

Our sites to view are:

Consumer site: http://www.polyflorathome.com/

Commercial sector site: http://www.polyflor.com

Thank you.

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