Beautiful Bathrooms for Beautiful Homes

Often as one of the smaller rooms in the home, bathrooms can be neglected. When was the last time you updated yours? Maybe it’s time for a refresh, and with the extensive variety of shades and designs available, why not start with the floor!

Bathroom design trends are changing. Gone are the days when you would only see stone and tiles in a bathroom. Luxury Vinyl Tiles make it possible to incorporate a wood effect, whilst still maintaining the water resistance necessary. The wide range of designs available and the different laying patterns provide endless opportunity to explore your creativity and create a stunning space no matter what the size.

The light tones of Winchester Oak from the Colonia collection create a calm interior, perfect for relaxing in a hot bath. This modern shade will easily update any bathroom and a splash of colour like this blue bath keeps the room fresh and trendy.

Colonia 4452 Winchester Oak

Add a sense of drama with a dark colour scheme. Dark wallpaper combines perfectly with the striking colour and design of Georgian Parquet from the Camaro collection. Use lighter items, such as the bath and cabinets to brighten the room slightly, whilst maintaining an overall feeling of luxury.

Camaro 2252 Georgian Parquet

Monochrome remains popular in both fashion and interior design. Use Imperial Black Marble from the Colonia collection to bring this trend into your bathroom. Light grouting strips help create a perfect harmony between the white tiles and the black floor.

Colonia 4515 Imperial Black Marble with Ice Grouting Strip

Select Grey Flagstone from the Camaro Loc collection for a modern twist on a classic tile. With silver accents, this tile can transform your bathroom into a premium space, whilst keeping it bright and neutral, ready to be combined with a wide range of colour palettes.

Camaro Loc 3452 Grey Flagstone

No matter what style you choose for your bathroom, there will always be a suitable shade available to perfectly complement your interior. Browse our collections and select your perfect design before ordering a free sample to see exactly how the floor will look in your home.

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