Cleanse, Prepare, Polish and Protect

We know a modern lifestyle is a busy lifestyle and that’s why our wide range of floorcoverings are designed with you in mind.

It would be impossible to avoid the occasional spill, crumbs or dirt walked in your home from the outdoors, and that’s why we have designed each of our ranges to be easy to clean and maintain, keeping your floor looking brand new each and every day for years to come. The surface technology found on each of our ranges has been specifically designed to keep maintenance requirements down to a minimum.

Featuring either PU or PUR protection, our domestic ranges are designed with the latest technology providing durability requiring little maintenance to keep your floor looking brand new.

As well as the technology preserving the life of the floor, all of our floors are easy to wipe up spills, mop and brush clean, making them perfectly suited for busy homes. Polyflor offers a maintenance kit, suitable for any of our ranges, designed specifically for keeping your vinyl floor clean.

The Polyflor at Home Cleaning Kit includes 3 parts:

[We recommend you clean your Luxury Vinyl floor regularly in order to keep it at its best]

  1. Daily Cleanse – for day to day care of your floor

[Depending on wear, we would recommend these next two steps to be completed every 6-12 months]

  1. Prepare – get your floor ready for the reapplication of polish
  2. Polish & Protect – gives your floor a beautiful matte finish, helping to prevent markings and scratches

The Polyflor at Home Cleaning Kit is available through all flooring retailers, simply ask!

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PAH floor care kit

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