The Only Way is Parquet

Parquet flooring refers to the traditional design where small blocks of wood (or wood effect vinyl tiles) are laid in a geometric pattern to create a stunning, luxurious effect. The design dates back to the 1600s and is still as popular as ever. Instantly recognisable and often referred to as mosaic, parquet flooring is a perfect way to add an expensive feel to any room.

Real wooden parquet flooring requires a big budget and regular maintenance, but luckily, Polyflor at Home’s vinyl alternative require none of those things. Easy to clean, much cheaper than real hardwood and coming with a 10 year guarantee, the new Camaro range is the perfect solution for those that want the enticing design of parquet flooring without the extra cost.

Georgian Parquet 2252
Georgian Parquet 2252

The new Camaro range features two wood effects specifically designed to flourish in when used in a parquet design, let’s take a closer look at the two:

Cambridge Parquet 2251 laid in Tramline
Cambridge Parquet 2251 laid in Tramline

So what makes Cambridge & Georgian parquet different to the other designs in the collection?

  • Tiles are provided in a smaller size, meaning less cutting for the flooring-contractor and reducing install time
  • Include a micro bevel to make them look more authentic, imitating real wood
  • Parquet is available in three designs; Woodblock, Parquet Herringbone and Parquet Tramline

Share your parquet designs with us by tweeting @polyflorathome for a chance at featuring on our blog, we will retweet the best ones!

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