Have a White Christmas with Polyflor at Home

There’s no sign of snow here yet at Polyflor HQ but you can have a white Christmas at home every year when you choose a white flooring design from the Polyflor at Home range.

White can be an extremely versatile colour to use in the home, and it isn’t cold and uninviting as you may expect when styled correctly.

Here’s our top tips for creating the wow factor with whites in your home…

Don’t be afraid of an all-white colour scheme

Designatex Chalk White Oak
Designatex Chalk White Oak

An all-white colour scheme evokes purity and cleanliness for a serene living space like this sophisticated bedroom from our Designatex brochure.

When sticking to a fresh white colour palette you can layer different textures and patterns to add depth to your room. You can also layer tone on tone whites (like the pale grey crochet blanket featured above).

Bring warmth to your whites

Camaro White Limed Oak with Ice Grouting Strip
Camaro White Limed Oak with Ice Grouting Strip

To make your snowy white interior a little less wintery, remember that warm wood or brown leather furniture is an excellent way of adding warmth to your living space. We love the way that this leather armchair brings out the subtle brown tones in our Camaro White Limed Oak flooring (see above).

White floors and walls will also make older items seem more current, so don’t shy away from using antique and vintage furniture and accessories.

Be brave with accent colours

Camaro White Oilshale
Camaro White Oilshale

White is an extremely versatile shade as it will go with pretty much anything! If you love brighter than bright hues which may be too overpowering as part of your room’s main colour scheme, why not try them as an accent colour in a white room for a contemporary look. Be brave and use eye-catching accessories that will really stand out in your space.

Play with monochrome

Colonia Nordic White Oak
Colonia Nordic White Oak

Pair your white floor with black walls and accessories to achieve a classic monochrome colour scheme which will add drama to your home and never go out of fashion. Alternatively try this look in reverse with white walls and black wood or slate effect floor.

Create a blank canvas

Camaro Loc White Limed Oak
Camaro Loc White Limed Oak

Turn your living room into a gallery with white walls and floors that won’t distract attention away from a great view or a statement piece of artwork. The beauty of this “blank canvas” look is that you can easily update the style of your room by swapping furniture and accessories on a whim as trends come and go.

If you fancy a winter white floor for your home, it’s now even easier to find the perfect white wood or stone design with the View by Shade function on our new and improved Polyflor at Home website.

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