Working 9 to 5 – Creating your home office

Camaro American Oak
Camaro American Oak

There are many perks to working from home, but in order to get the most of your home office space you will need to create a practical and motivating environment which you will enjoy working in. With a few key investments you can create an inexpensive home office that reflects your personality and style of working.

Here’s some examples of beautiful home offices featuring vinyl flooring from our Polyflor at Home collections.

Camaro White Limed Oak
Camaro White Limed Oak

There is nothing worse than working in a drab and dreary office, so make the most of any natural daylight by positioning your desk close to the window and invest in an interesting table lamp for the dark winter mornings and afternoons. This fresh White Limed Oak design from our Camaro range really helps brighten up a room all year round.

Designatex California Oak
Designatex California Oak

It’s a good idea to splurge on an ergonomic chair to make sure you are working in comfort and to avoid any back problems due to bad posture. However a comfy chair away from your desk is also a good place to take a coffee break or catch up on some reading away from the computer screen. We love the upcycling trend and this cool coffee table made from a pallet (above).

Designatex Barça Limestone
Designatex Barça Limestone

It is important to create an uncluttered and private workspace that will aid concentration and focus. This Barça Limestone flooring from our Designatex range gives a subtle, high-design look without it being too overpowering and distracting.

However don’t leave your work station too bare, plants and some personal mementos such as photographs will bring your own personal style to the space and can help generate ideas when trying to brainstorm or think creatively.

Secura Riviera Taupe
Secura Riviera Taupe

Choosing the right colour is another big decision to make when creating your perfect home office. Research into how colours affect emotions show that green is a relaxing colour which will add freshness to an office and evoke the feeling of being outdoors whilst purple tones are said to stimulate the imagination, so would be perfect for those with creative jobs. Neutrals are always a safe bet and can be used to balance out a bold accent colour that adds energy to a room.

It might be helpful to give your home office interior a different feel to the rest of your house, perhaps with a different colour scheme or style, so it is easier to separate your office from your home life.

Finally, our top tip for styling your own office at home to is to go with whatever you feel comfortable with and what you feel will help you work most effectively. What works for one person might not work for another! For more home inspiration remember to take a look at our new and improved Polyflor at Home website.


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