A Floor to Complement Blue in Every Hue

As we get to the end of the cold winter months sometimes we all get the blues while waiting for Spring to arrive. However, when choosing a colour to decorate your home blue can brighten even the darkest of days! Available in various shades and tones, blue can be everything from bold and vibrant to pale and serene or bright and breezy to dark and moody – so take your pick!

Its versatility makes blue a popular choice for any room in the home. It’s clean, fresh look makes it great for bathrooms and kitchens, whilst it’s calming effect means it is perfect for bedrooms. It is also said to encourage focus in home offices.

Though blue is a traditionally cool colour, perceived to create a cold atmosphere whether used in a striking or subtle way, this can easily be remedied with some clever colour choices for floors, walls and interior décor.

With so many design options available in our Camaro, Colonia and Secura collections, you can find the perfect floor for your blue room. Here are some ideas of how you can use blue in your home.

Colonia Schoolhouse Oak 4434
Colonia Schoolhouse Oak 4434

Bold shades such as this cobalt blue and teal add energy and fun to home spaces. The warm tone and natural wood effect of the Colonia Schoolhouse Oak 4434 flooring used in both these rooms counterbalances the strong colour on the walls. Punchy blue shades look great when paired with other primary colours like red and yellow, like in this playroom.

 Camaro Waxed Pine 2206 (left), Camaro Vintage Timber 2220 (right)
Camaro Waxed Pine 2206 (left), Camaro Vintage Timber 2220 (right)

Add interest and warmth to duller shades such as this navy blue and dark jade green by pairing them with vintage elements such as a distressed brown leather armchair or chest. Wood effect floors have a similar warming effect when paired with these darker tones, Camaro Waxed Pine 2206 (left) and Camaro Vintage Timber 2220 (right) complement these colour schemes perfectly.

Secura Linear Ivory 2120 (left), Camaro Loc Smoke Limed Oak 3437 (right)
Secura Linear Ivory 2120 (left), Camaro Loc Smoke Limed Oak 3437 (right)

Blues look great with warm browns and neutrals, but they also work well with cooler grey and silver tones. This colour scheme can make a room look clean and fresh, ideal if you are trying to create a Scandinavian influenced room where lighter tones are key.

Secura Linear Ivory 2120 flooring (left) provides a neutral base against the patterned wallpaper in this blue and grey bedroom, while Camaro Loc Smoke Limed Oak 3437 (right) helps continue the contemporary effect of the wooden walls throughout this room. These cool colour palettes can be brought to life by rich, inky blues like in these cushions and soft furnishings.

Camaro Travertine 2304 (left), Secura Polished Concrete 2118 (right)
Camaro Travertine 2304 (left), Secura Polished Concrete 2118 (right)

Stone effect vinyl flooring can complement blue colour schemes just as effectively as wood designs. This navy blue pantry has been lifted with the lighter tones of the antique effect storage unit and the Camaro Travertine 2304 floor, which has warmer shades incorporated into its decoration.

The sunny bright blue and turquoise shades in this teenager’s bedroom design are pared down by a concrete effect flooring which gives it a grown up, industrial edge. Secura Polished Concrete 2118 sheet vinyl flooring with its soft backing gives the look of concrete without the coldness for bare feet.

Secura Riviera Bluebell 2117
Secura Riviera Bluebell 2117

Blue is definitely not just for boys, especially when teamed with a purple toned cornflower blue or a bright floral such as in this kitchen. It can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere such as this living room where light blue is pared with white for freshness making a small space look bigger.

The Secura Riviera Bluebell 2117 flooring used in both these examples is ideal for blue colour schemes as it contains hints of blue, grey and browns to add warmth.

For more about Polyflor’s home flooring collections, visit our Polyflor At Home website where you can view all our ranges and find design inspiration in the Room Ideas section.

Product samples, shadecards and copies of our brochure can be requested free of charge on our website or alternatively from our dedicated Polyflor Samples Hotline 0161 767 2551.

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