House Shaped Dreaming

As you may have noticed in last week’s round up of customer installations, I mentioned the increasing trend in house-shaped designs and objects. Ranging from house-shaped coasters, to house-shaped terrariums, and recycled house-shaped post-it notes to house-shaped architecture, this design trend is becoming more and more popular within the home.

And it’s not just us here at Polyflor at Home HQ who are as elated about this, our trusty design experts and design forecasters at Grand Designs Magazine are as well! They have homed in on this fabulous and growing trend, which we noticed last Thursday when they tweeted:

The idea of including house-shaped objects within the home alludes to the idea that house and home is a lot more than bricks and motor. It infinitely bridges the gap amidst the two and creates a strong and loving relationship between both house and home. We are presented with two completely different ideals here, two which evoke different feelings and emotions, but in order for each to exist and their existence to be complete, one must come with the other.

This has opened up the gates for contemporary and minimal design to provide warmth, and comfort to living areas and to really make you feel like you’re at home, which can often be hard to achieve within a modernised living space.

It’s interesting to see that an angular a-shape (one of our favourites :)), can allude to these feelings as it does, and we love how this very simple, but powerful notion has provided us with the following design-brilliance:

1 2 3







This is just a snippet of what we’re spotting each week, and we can’t wait to see what we next discover!

If you spot any house-shaped architecture, or general design we would love you to share them with us on here; just simply leave us a comment underneath. Also don’t forget, if you want to keep track of what we’re spotting then check out our dedicated board on Pinterest! We also have some fantastic ideas and design inspiration on there for every room in the home to help you get the look.




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