What Polyflor also produces!

Within this blog, you have been introduced to the Colonia, Camaro and Secura flooring collections, which are specially designed and manufactured for home interiors. But you may not know that Polyflor also produce a wide range of other types of floorcoverings, aimed at commercial interiors, across the retail, leisure, office, education and healthcare sectors.

Now, most of these are not suitable for home interiors, as they are over engineered for light use, but there are two new collections which we have just launched this week which may take your fancy.

These are the Expona Design & Expona Commercial collections. The reason we think you may wish to see these is that they are manufactured in the same format as Colonia and Camaro, and also authentically replicate the beauty of natural materials, such as wood, stone and slate. But we have also introduced some very exciting effects which really bring the palette to life.

Anyway, check them out for yourself by clicking the following link to the digital brochure. Here, you can download and save as a PDF, share with friends, or bookmark your favourites. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s definitely worth a look. Oh, and remember, as these products can be used within the home as well as heavy commercial interiors, you can order FREE samples of any of the colours by follow the link to our commercial website, at the bottom of this post.

We hope you enjoy!


For samples requests, and to view the collections in more detail, follow the Expona signs through the following link:


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