Secura For All Seasons

Now summer is finally starting to make an appearance, it is time to get your house ready for the BBQ and dinner party season.

Secura has a wide range of tones and styles to give your home a face-lift and get it ready for summer, from beautiful authentic wood designs, to elegant stones and contemporary abstracts there is a floor covering that will bring a welcoming touch to your home, and because it is loose lay it can be installed quickly and easily.                                                                                             

Peakmoor SandstonePeakmoor Sandstone is the ideal summer colour, with natural sand grains contrasting beautifully with warm brown tones that weave through the design. This neutral shade would be the perfect backdrop to any décor.

Blond Oak

Blond Oak is another shade that brings summer days to mind. This wood design authentically replicates the timber variations of oak, giving a striking finish that will never go un-noticed.

Riviera Sands


Finally Riviera Sands is another fantastic colour for the summer season. The textured swirls and golden pattern will bring a warm glow to any room bringing vitality to your home. 

The Secura luxury vinyl sheet collection is also a great choice for the summer party season with its built in CleanShield making it easy to wipe up those crumbs and spills, so you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about the house work.

If you are feeling inspired and are looking for more ideas or would like to order FREE samples of our stunning Luxury Vinyl Sheet range then visit

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