Seasonal flooring tips

There is no doubting that each season brings with it its own natural colours, and these are often recreated in products we see and buy. Autumn and winter are classic examples of this with rich, warming tones surrounding us in the world outside as well within home interiors.

If you are inspired by the greens, browns, reds and oranges associated with this time of year, then areas such as flooring, wall colours and furniture are a great way to instantly achieve this. The flooring not only presents a colour but can also be designed and installed to enhance a mood or feeling, such as cosy and comfortable or open and airy.

In this post, we feature a number of examples to inspire, provoke and assist you in creating the seasonal theme. You may not only simply be looking for a new floor, but accessories and supporting colours and textures, so we have included lifestyle images to help you on your way.

Cosy dining

Colonia Virginia Walnut inlaid with Walnut marquetry strip

Colonia Cottage Yorkstone inlaid with Cream feature strip

Camaro North American Walnut

Camaro Serpentine inlaid with Gold feature strip (a great way of adding that extra bit of glitz)

Colonia Schoolhouse Oak

Warming living spaces

Along with clever use of fabrics, textures, lighting and accessories, the flooring can really set the mood.

Camaro Heritage Oak

Colonia Virginia Walnut installed in a full plank herringbone design

Colonia Quarried Millstone inlaid with Coffee grouting strip

Relax in an inviting bathroom & bedroom  – It’s all about the candles, peace and comfort.

Camaro Roasted Oak

Camaro Classic Yorkstone inlaid with a Cream feature strip perimeter

Camaro Warwick Oak laid in a woodblock design

Colonia New England Elm

Finally, Christmas is coming, get ready to party and make way for some presents!

Polyflor have a floor for all seasons which will last for many years ahead.

Camaro Ivory Stone inlaid with Pearl Grouting Strip

Colonia Nordic White Oak

Colonia Schoolhouse Oak laid in a classic herringbone design

For more inspirational ideas on both the Colonia & Camaro flooring collections, view or download the image-packed brochures via the below links:

FREE samples of all Polyflor products are available and ordering is simple. Click on the Samples header in the top menu for more info.



2 thoughts on “Seasonal flooring tips

    • Thanks for your comment. That’s the beauty of our flooring; once installed it performs great all year. It’s the colours of the floor and the surrounding design scheme which can further enhance the seasonal aspects.

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