Bring slip resistance for bare feet into your home with Polysafe Quattro

Do you need a flooring product that offers enhanced slip resistance in your bathroom? Or does a family member need extra protection against slips, trips and falls in their home to support their independent life?

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Cool Pebble

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Cool Pebble


Polysafe Quattro is a brand new addition to Polyflor’s safety flooring collection which offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot.

Available in 12 bathroom interior design friendly shades from a neutral, blue and grey colour palette, Polysafe Quattro is ideal for adapted and non-adapted bathrooms, wet rooms and walk-in showers where shampoo and shower gels may be used.

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Truffle Shore

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Truffle Shore


This new sheet flooring range provides slip resistance for both bare feet and footwear. A person taking a shower and the carer assisting them can both be confident that their risk of slipping on a wet (or dry) floor has been minimised. Polysafe Quattro is also suitable for creating dementia-friendly home environments.

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Lunar Shell

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Lunar Shell


Polysafe Quattro can also be coved up walls and easily installed around drains and awkward corners for a hygienic and watertight wall to floor finish, when fitted by your chosen flooring contractor. It is also easy to maintain thanks to its PUR coating.

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Granite Sky

Polysafe Quattro PUR in Granite Sky

Find out all you need to know about the Polysafe Quattro collection can be found on the Polyflor website, Don’t forget that you can also order free samples online or by calling our Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551!

Read the new Polysafe Quattro brochure here.



‘Tis the season to redecorate

Brace yourselves, it’s party season. Christmas always seems to come round sooner than the last, and this year it’s no different. Chances are your family will be visiting soon so what better excuse is there to improve your home with a brand new Luxury Vinyl Floor over the festive period?

All of our domestic ranges are perfect for in the home, each boasting different features and benefits. Our LVS ranges Secura & Designatex offer a soft-feel underfoot and also help reduce sound impact. Camaro LOC uses the patented LOC technology keeping planks and tiles locked without the need for any adhesive. And our LVT ranges Camaro & Colonia look stunningly realistic, all of which are both easy to install and maintain.

Check out the images below showcasing some of our favourite winter-themed interiors, featuring plenty of open fires and festive decorations.

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Cleanse, Prepare, Polish and Protect

We know a modern lifestyle is a busy lifestyle and that’s why our wide range of floorcoverings are designed with you in mind.

It would be impossible to avoid the occasional spill, crumbs or dirt walked in your home from the outdoors, and that’s why we have designed each of our ranges to be easy to clean and maintain, keeping your floor looking brand new each and every day for years to come. The surface technology found on each of our ranges has been specifically designed to keep maintenance requirements down to a minimum.

Featuring either PU or PUR protection, our domestic ranges are designed with the latest technology providing durability requiring little maintenance to keep your floor looking brand new.

As well as the technology preserving the life of the floor, all of our floors are easy to wipe up spills, mop and brush clean, making them perfectly suited for busy homes. Polyflor offers a maintenance kit, suitable for any of our ranges, designed specifically for keeping your vinyl floor clean.

The Polyflor at Home Cleaning Kit includes 3 parts:

[We recommend you clean your Luxury Vinyl floor regularly in order to keep it at its best]

  1. Daily Cleanse – for day to day care of your floor

[Depending on wear, we would recommend these next two steps to be completed every 6-12 months]

  1. Prepare – get your floor ready for the reapplication of polish
  2. Polish & Protect – gives your floor a beautiful matte finish, helping to prevent markings and scratches

The Polyflor at Home Cleaning Kit is available through all flooring retailers, simply ask!

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PAH floor care kit

Start from the ground up, this Autumn

As the days start to get shorter and the nights are drawing in, it’s hard to fight the urge to curl up on the sofa in a warm and cosy home.  Creating a snug and inviting interior literally starts from the floor up, through introducing natural wood tones that create a great base for your room’s furnishings.

Introducing autumnal tones

Bring all the gorgeous autumnal golden tones from the great outdoors indoors, by choosing a timber effect floor that combines rich brown and red hues for an authentic finish that complements a variety of wall paint colours and furniture styles.

CF16_2252 Manor House Main_Render

Deep brown wood tones in the floor and furniture, combined with varying shades of deep green and antique gold accessories can make larger rooms cosier, but to prevent the room looking too dark you can add paler tones that help reflect light around the room.  For a more classic look, pair antique furniture with a traditional parquet floor for a timeless appearance.

CF16_2220 back to nature

Using lighter botanical colours will create a fresher look and feel in your living space, and make your house bang on trend for 2017.  Add a cosy feel with candles and some warm metallic and terracotta accessories, and a rustic timber effect floor with rich copper tones.

CF Living 1 Cool quirky main V1_Golden Koa 4403

Lighting can play a large part in creating the right atmosphere in a living space.  Introduce lower level lighting with floor and table lamps to artificially lower the ceiling and create a more intimate space.  When used in combination with a paler wood effect floor, any light reflected downwards will bounce back into the room unlike with darker wood floors or carpets.


4531_Cottage Yorkstone 4531_Cream 0032 Feature strip size 5mm x 1000mm

If your wall and furniture colours are more neutral, you can still add warmth to a room with your choice of floor covering.  Stone effect floor tiles come in a variety of shades, and this classic Cottage Yorkstone pattern combines a number of warm tones that can be further emphasised with darker brown, red and green accessories.  Add an assortment of textures such as wool blankets, chalk paint furniture and polished brass cookware to add depth and interest.


2159_Coastal Oak_Living

The same can be said for this Coastal Oak wood effect vinyl sheet flooring, that gives the appearance of weather-worn planks that have been sun bleached over the years.  Simply by adding seasonal accessories in dark wood, low-level candlelight and autumnal coloured flowers, you can create a cosy living room that can be easily changed depending on the time of year.  And don’t forget the blanket for wrapping up warm!


To view even more floor coverings in both vinyl tile and sheet format, and to select your next interior makeover, visit where you can browse through differently styled interiors for every room in your house.  Be sure to share your new interior with the team here at Polyflor at Home on our Twitter or Facebook pages to be in with a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher, just in time for Christmas.

Parquet Still on Trend

Parquet designs are truly timeless but that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional! The following room set shows Camaro’s 2251 Cambridge Parquet laid in a floral themed living area. Laid in a bright open space this style can easily be replicated in your home using the following furniture and accessories:

CF16_2251 Chaise Lounge Tramline Main_Cambridge Parquet 2251

2251 Cambridge Parquet


We love this chaise-lounge. Floral print is very on-trend at the minute, this feature piece is something to be proud of and will create a focal point in your room. From £171.99 at

Geometric shapes are on-trend too & this stunning vase is sure to catch the eye. £40.27 from

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Recreate the look – Camaro 2241 Bianco Oak

CF16_2241 Wire Dining MainBianco Oak has quickly become a firm favourite in the Camaro range. Installed in this colourful & contemporary kitchen area, the whole concept looks both fashionable and practical. We have compiled a list of items that you can purchase alongside side your Bianco oak floor to recreate the look of this chic living space

Blue Chair

These industrial style chairs create the perfect contrast with the light design of Bianco Oak. Find them for £200 at

Candle Holder

This beautiful candle holder creates a homely impression in your interior with its unique shape. A perfect accessory for adding character to the room. £45 from


This lightshade again creates the perfect contrast between industrial and residential. Only £17.99 at

Check out the Camaro brochure here for more inspiring interiors & be sure to follow us on Houzz to see more installations, reviews and ideas!

Recreate the Look: Secura Powdered Concrete

Boasting plenty of benefits such as practicality, durability and noise reduction, our new Secura range of Luxury Vinyl Sheet has been recently re-launched.

Check out the links below to see which accessories you could purchase in order to recreate the look from our beautiful matte-grey concrete office.

Wooden lamp
Place this lamp on your desk at work, in the home or use as a table lamp for a unique addition of style in the interior.

Orange Desk Chair

We love the vibrant orange and pale wooden legs!

Wooden Desk Clock
We think this clock is the perfect, unique and clever home accessory, especially if you don’t like a bright light shining in your bedroom at night. Click the link to find out more.

Banksy balloon girl print
This print is inspired from one of our favourite wall stickers featuring Banksy’s Balloon Girl reaching for the heart shaped balloon.